Pronti per lo Yota Camp 2017 a Londra

Sono stato tra i 3 fortunati che questa estate andranno allo Yota Camp a Londra, quindi, volo preso, patente pronta e via!


YOTA 2017 offers a week-long range of wireless technology activities

This includes a special event station, a buildathon, antenna building, an Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) contest and a Summits on the Air (SOTA) activation.

There will also be an opportunity to visit Bletchley Park—including the National Radio Centre—and the Science Museum.

The activity plan is taking shape and we’ve had offers of help from a number of clubs, including Loughton and Epping Forest ARS, Radio Society of Harrow, Camb-Hams and the Radio Scouting leaders from Gilwell Park.

We hope this will be a memorable event for everyone involved.


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